WIX Tours

WIX Tours

Island Tour

Morning Tour 9:00AM – 1:00PM

  • A Guided tour at the Aruba Aloe factory
  • Ruins of Bushiribana Gold Mill
  • Natural Bridge
  • Ayo Rock Formation (Indian drawing)
  • Baby Beach for swimming
  • French Mans Pass
  • Savaneta (First Capital)
  • San Nicolaas (Second Capital of Aruba)
  • Water desanilization plant (2nd largest)
  • Downtown

Afternoon Tour 2:00PM – 6:00PM

  • Guided tour at the Aloe Factory
  • Stop at the Casibari Rock Formation
  • Stop at the Natural Bridge
  • Stop at the Alto Vista Chapel
  • Stop at the California Light House
  • Pass by the Ruins of Bushiribana,Tierra Del Sol Golf course and return to the Hotel
  • Free pick up and drop off

Essence of Aruba
See & Learn How Aruba Produces Its Own Product!

Aruhiba Cigar Tour
Through the greenhouse of Mr. Petrochi who will demonstrate his extensive process of producing high quality handmade Aruba Cigars.

Aruba Aloe Factory
A private tour through the Aloe Vera will demonstrate how one of the highest quality skin care products are made.

Balashi Beer Brewery
Consider to be Aruba’s pride and joy,and winner of two gold medals.

Aruba Coecoei and Aruba Rum
The last stop, we go to Happy Taste home of Rum Palmera, here we will taste the COECOI, Aruba Rum and the Ponche Crema

Monday to Friday From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Price $45.- p/person Children under 6 years $ 25.- (No Beer)

Tour Includes: Free Pick Up/Drop Off, Tour at Aruhiba including free tasting Coecoei and Rum, Tour at Aloe Factory & Tour at Balashi Brewery including one free cold Balashi draft beer.